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Where can I get the best LG AC Service in Trichy?

LG AC units have a revolutionary technology to beat the mosquito problem in Trichy, which is the outcome of an extensive research that was carried out using an optimal ultrasonic wave range that the mosquitoes can not resist. The sound emitted at this frequency cannot be detected by the human ear but helps in driving mosquitoes away. Since no harmful chemicals are used, it is also odor-free. LG AC units provides the power and technology that is needed to sustain the perfect temperature year long. Now control room temperature & humidity while saving energy, cut down on those hefty electricity bills. At Elite Aircons, we provide same day installation for customers who opt for our AC Installation Services.

"Get a complete range of auto-optimised air controls with prompt after sales services from Elite Aircons. We provide benefits like On-time Servicing using trained mechanics."

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  • Window AC - Single Unit AC
  • Split AC - Two Unit AC

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